The Optical Center of Bay Ridge

Meet Carrie, receptionist

Meeting and greeting the patient is the most important thing to me.

 I was an assistant manager at a bank which strived to give superior customer service.  My current  job is similar when I greet the patient at the door and try to make their experience so wonderful that not only do they come back but they refer friends and family to us.  “Word of Mouth” is how we used to put it at the bank.  That is what I strive to do here.  I acknowledge the patient when they walk in.  I assist in filling out their paper work so there are no mistakes.  This helps the patient to avoid any insurance problems.  I fill out our invoices  so the information is complete, correct and accurate.  Also because audits and paperwork were important in banking, I bring that experience here.  If the paperwork is not filled out properly, then it can slow down the entire operation. 

I answer all of the patient’s in a timely manner, and if I don’t know the answer I will find the answer out for them.  I prepare the patient recalls so that our patients are able to keep up with their eye exams.  I take contact lens orders over the phone and check each one when they come in so that the order is correct when they receive it.  I call all of the patients when their contacts or glasses are ready, and alert them to any delays

I am proud to be representing The Optical Center as the first person our patients interact with.  


Meet Serena, receptionist

I started with The Optical Center as a patient many years ago.  I believe the most important reason a patient comes to The Optical Center is TRUST.  When a patient believes and trusts the doctor and the staff, and receives product of great quality, they come back to our office.  Working in the reception area gives me the opportunity to make contributions to superior patient experiences.  I try to extend kindness and courtesy to every patient when they walk through the door.

I schedule appointments  to meet the patients request as close as possible to their time frame.   I go out of my way to see if there is any insurance that will cover for their exam or materials.  (“Is there any insurance that we should know about?”)

In addition, I try to help the patients when they have difficulties with their insurance.  I feel that people remember a staff member that helps them with issues that they don’t understand.  Forming a relationship with a patient makes them feel confident that the doctor and the optician are going to do their best to take care of their needs.  I believe in all the services  that we extend to our community, and to the people that I know in the area.   


Meet Maryann, receptionist (retired from NYC Department of Education)

My experience working in the NYC Board of Education as a classroom teacher and library specialist has given me tremendous respect for the documentation and organization at The Optical Center.  I addition to my responsibilities at the reception area, I am committed to securing the availability and retrieval of patient files.  Having a patient’s history if they have been before is a vital part of the current exam and work with the opticians.  Each patient can feel fully confident that a comprehensive focus is being given to them.  I started with the Optical Center as a patient.  I understand the reasons that patients feel loyal to the practice.  I am happy to be contributing to maintaining each patient’s trust, importance and making their experience as positive as mine has been for all these years.

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